Final Programme for New Perspectives on Participatory Arts conference announced!

The conference takes place in the Elizabeth Fry building; our conference dinner is held in the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, which celebrates its 40th anniversary this year, also on campus


Day 1: Tuesday 22nd May


9:00-9:45             Registration, coffee




9:45-10:00           Welcome and introduction

Room 01.08         Dr Lucy Wright and Professor George McKay, UEA



10:00-11:00         Keynote address I

Room 01.08

Cultural participation and the amateur turn

Professor Helen Nicholson, Royal Holloway, University of London


Chair: Dr Kerrie Schaefer, University of Exeter



11.15-12:30         Session 1: Participating in nature

Room 01.10        

There will be Buzz, Workshop

Dr Toby Pillatt, University of Sheffield

Dr Debbie Maxwell, University of York

Liz Edwards, Lancaster University

Rachel Newman, Growtheatre

Dave Fleming, York Explore


Exploration of the potential for partnerships with creative practitioners enhancing the use of, and involvement in gardens, widening accessibility, participation and value

Nik Thomson, garden designer and educationalist


Chair: Dr Lucy Wright, UEA



11.15-12:30         Session 2: Methods and policy

Room 01.08        

A systematic review of participatory arts for promoting wellbeing and quality of life in healthy older people

Emily Bradfield, University of Derby


Participation or direction? Dilemmas in utilising participatory methods

Peter Davies, Cardiff University


Collaborating ‘with not for’ and the term ‘social capital’ in the context of Creative People and Places (CPP)

Dr Karen M Smith, artist, independent researcher


Chair: tbc



12:30-13:15         Lunch



12:50 – 13:10     Literary Lunchtime

Room 01.10         John D’Arcy, Queen’s University Belfast


12:40 – 13:10     Film screenings

Room 01.08



13:15-14:30         Session 3: Telling stories

Room 01.10        

Making the private participatory

Professor Bronwen Thomas, Bournemouth University


Where does it end? Participation in creating fictional stories to connect with others.

Dr Candice Satchwell, University of Central Lancashire


Representation of autism in children and young adult collaborative fiction

Dr Shalini Vohra, Sheffield Hallam University


Chair: Dr Toby Pillatt, University of Sheffield



13:15-14:30         Session 4: Writing community

Room 01.08                        

Poetry as method: trying to see the world differently

Dr Elizabeth Hoult, Birkbeck University of London

Professor Kate Pahl, Manchester Metropolitan University


Secret Diaries, Hidden Lives: experiments in participatory mass diary-writing in Bloomsbury

Dr Michael Eades, School of Advanced Study, University of London

Dr Elizabeth Dearnley, University College London


What use art?

A-dZiko Simba, Writer and performer


Chair: Dr Debbie Maxwell, University of York



14:40-15:55        Session 5: Community music and media

Room 01.10        

Turn and face the strange’: understandings of community music in times of change

  Dr Mark Rimmer, University of East Anglia


Participatory practice in Belfast City Choir series

John D’Arcy, Queen’s University Belfast


Rethinking disposability: Compound 13 Lab

Graham Jeffery, University of the West of Scotland

Dr Ben Parry, Bath Spa University


Chair: Dr Lucy Wright, UEA



14:40-15:55         Session 6: Theatre and participation I

Room 01.08                        

Promises to keep: creative collaboration and interruption in a Northern Irish theatre project

Dr Daisy Hasan, Brunel University London


A play for the nation? Professional-amateur collaboration at the Royal Shakespeare Company in 2016

Corinne Furness, University of Birmingham


We need to talk about ‘community’: fluidly framing the multiplicity of community for future praxis

Dr Kerrie Schaefer, University of Exeter


Chair: Janet Batsleer, Manchester Metropolitan University



15:55-16:15         Tea break



16:15-17:30         Session 7: Multi – heritage(s)

Room 01.10

Tribe Talks

Tajpal Rathore and Samran Rathore, Tribe Arts


Soul. City. Arts: rethinking cultural intermediation in multi-faith, urban communities.

Martin Cox, Birmingham City University


Chair: Dr Daisy Hasan, Brunel University London



16:15-17:30         Session 8: Music and festival

Room 01.08                        

Listening and participation: Widening access to sound-based music through creative engagement

Dr David Holland, De Montfort University


With All: an exploration of co-creativity with people with dementia

Dr Hannah Zeilig, Wellcome Trust and University of the Arts, London

Julian West, Royal Academy of Music


Art in many hands: on a participatory arts festival

An Van den Bergh and Josef Terlaeken, Dēmos vzw, Brussels, Belgium


Chair: Dr Mark Rimmer, UEA



19:00 – 19:45     Drinks reception, Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts


19:45 – 22:00     Conference meal, Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts






Day 2: Wednesday 23rd May


9:00-9:30             Tea, coffee




9:30-10:30           Keynote address II         


When to take things seriously: trying to balance thinking and doing

Steve Pool, Visual Artist, Sheffield


Chair: Dr Lucy Wright, UEA



10:45-12:00         Session 9: Space and community

Room 01.10        

Cracks in culture: an exploration of alternative uses of space through participatory art practice

 Dr Ben Jones, Dingy Butterflies CIC


In/Visible Fields

Sally Labern, The Drawing Shed


Designing the change: locating community co-design as a participatory arts practice

Katie Hill, Leeds Beckett University


Chair: Steve Pool, Visual Artist



10:45-12:00         Session 10: Politics, participation, performance

Room 01.08                        

The impact of experiencing creativity through taking part in rural arts touring: an exploration of rurality, modes of participation, artistic quality and agency

Sue Challis, Dr Phillip Dunham and Mark Webster, Coventry University


New ways of saying and seeing: performing a two-stage political action in multi-disciplinary collaborative arts practice

David Teevan, University College Dublin


Chair: Professor Helen Nicholson, Royal Holloway, University of London



12:00-12:45         Lunch   


Foyer                    Lunchtime drop-in workshop


12:15 – 12:40     S4S Stitched Up! Action for Sustainable Fashion

Room 01.10         Katie Hill, University of Wolverhampton

Irene Griffin, University of Exeter


12:00 – 12:40     Film screenings

Room 01.08



12:45-14:00         Session 11: Care and community

Room 01.10        

Participatory arts and the impact on social relationships for older people in care settings

Professor Carol Munn-Giddings, Dr Hilary Bungay, Dr Ceri Wilson and Anna Dadswell, Anglia Ruskin University


‘Moving In’: a presentation of the 2017 live-in residency in a care home in Gateshead, UK

Claire Ford, Winston Churchill Trust for Yorkshire


Chair: Professor Carol Munn-Giddings, Anglia Ruskin University



12:45-14:00         Session 12: Participatory media and mapping

Room 01.08                        


Dr Nela Milic, University of the Arts, London


Towards a culture of peace and reconciliation in Cambodia

Christoforos Pavlakis, independent cultural mediator


Homelessness photographed by the homeless – strategy to make the issue visible and credible

Liisa Söderlund, Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland


Chair: Professor Kate Pahl, Manchester Metropolitan University



14:10-15:25         Session 13: Education and participation

Room 01.10        

The challenges and opportunities of innovating a higher education curriculum in creative and therapeutic arts

Beth Pickard, University of South Wales


Reflections on Practice: The UEA Drama Outreach Project

Professor Ralph Yarrow, UEA

Hilary Thomson, Ministry of Imagination

Tom Francis, Freelance Theatre Practitioner


Re-thinking Virtual Education for Socially Engaged Artists

Roxane Permar, University of the Highlands and Islands


Chair: Dr Candice Satchwell, University of Central Lancashire



14:10-15:25         Session 14: Gendering community

Room 01.08                        

Walk like a man: choreographing public encounters with participant voices in the Man Food audio walk

Dr Paul Hurley and Dr Emma Roe, University of Southampton


Exploring birthing identities: transitions to motherhood

Professor Susan Hogan, University of Derby


Chair: Professor Mike Wilson, Loughborough University



15:25-15:45         Tea break




15:45-17:00         Session 15: Theatre and participation II

Room 01.10        

Loneliness Connects Us/Missing

Janet Batsleer, Dr James Duggan and Dr Jana Wendler, Manchester Metropolitan University

Julie McCarthy, 42nd Street, Manchester


The Producers: what is and who should be the creative agents in participatory practice?

Julie McCarthy, 42nd Street, Manchester

Dr Alison Rooke, Goldsmiths, University of London


Chair: Professor Helen Nicholson, Royal Holloway, University of London



15:45-17:00         Session 16: Norfolk community arts round table

Room 01.08

Sian Croose, The Voice Project

Michael Corley, The Norfolk and Norwich Festival

Sarah Lowndes, Write, Curator and Lecturer


Chair: Professor George McKay, UEA



17:00                     Conference ends. Safe journey home!


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