New Perspectives in Participatory Arts – Call for papers!

The deadline for submissions is: 1st March 2018   This FREE conference, organised by the AHRC Connected Communities programme, seeks to draw together the new knowledge and practice generated by and emerging from funded research projects across Connected Communities as well as more widely in the fields of community and participatory arts. One of the... Continue Reading →


Introducing…girls’ carnival morris dancing! – Part 1

By Dr Lucy Wright The sports hall is packed when I arrive; a frenetic and uneven sea of folding chairs, pushchairs and packed lunches, and people everywhere. A mayhem of children and adults spill inside and out, chatting, practising routines, changing clothes. I survey the space steadily, my eyes searching for some haven of familiarity... Continue Reading →

DiY Culture: Party & Protest in Nineties Britain

By Prof George McKay DiY Culture: Party & Protest in Nineties Britain (McKay ed., Verso, 1998) One of my more influential books! From the ‘Notes towards an intro’: In the mid-Fifties the jazz revival had produced an offshoot, a musical phenomenon which became much bigger than itself, the skiffle craze. Skiffle was do-it-yourself music, primitive... Continue Reading →

The Oxford Handbook of Punk Rock

This quite large-scale new international publishing project has been recently (summer 2017) contracted with Oxford University Press: The Oxford Handbook of Punk Rock. I have been gestating and working on the idea for a couple of years or more on and off, but things really started happening when I invited music journalist and scholar Dr... Continue Reading →

These photos were taken at our Punk in the Provinces event held on the 23rd November at Norwich Arts Centre, featuring talks from: Prof Matt Worley, University of Reading, discusses his brand new book No Future: Punk, Politics and British Youth Culture 1976-84 Richard Balls, Norwich-based author of Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll: The Life... Continue Reading →

Welcome to the DIY Culture Website!

Participatory Arts and DIY Culture is a 12-month project funded under the AHRC’s Connected Communities Programme. The Principal Investigator is Professor George McKay, AHRC Leadership Fellow for the Connected Communities Programme, and Professor of Media Studies at the UEA and the Senior Research Associate is Dr Lucy Wright. This website will document the project's activities as we... Continue Reading →

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