New Perspectives in Participatory Arts – Call for papers!

The deadline for submissions is: 1st March 2018   This FREE conference, organised by the AHRC Connected Communities programme, seeks to draw together the new knowledge and practice generated by and emerging from funded research projects across Connected Communities as well as more widely in the fields of community and participatory arts. One of the... Continue Reading →

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Sex Pistols Spunk bootleg album, DIY cover from 1977

By Prof George McKay I bought the Pistols Spunk bootleg from Ace Records on Lower Goat Lane, Norwich in 1977, the very best of any of the punk or later indie record shops in the city. (The other bootleg I remember getting from Colin, following one of those necessarily surreptitious conversations with his regular customers,... Continue Reading →

Researching girls’ morris dancing – Part 3

By Dr Lucy Wright “I used to be an ethnomusicologist but I drifted.” That’s how I introduce myself at parties (sometimes). What I mean to say is that, despite an academic background in ethnomusicology—the social science concerned with the relationships between people, performance and place—much of my work no longer looks straightforwardly like scholarly research.... Continue Reading →

Girls’ morris dancing and ‘folk’ – Part 2

By Dr Lucy Wright In many ways, girls’ morris superficially bears little resemblance to the better-known ‘traditional’ morris performance of the English folk revival. Many first-time witnesses liken it to modern Irish stepdance, or mistake it for the American import, cheerleading, although girls’ morris dancing is (at least) several decades older. However, despite surface dissimilarities,... Continue Reading →

DiY Culture: Party & Protest in Nineties Britain

By Prof George McKay DiY Culture: Party & Protest in Nineties Britain (McKay ed., Verso, 1998) One of my more influential books! From the ‘Notes towards an intro’: In the mid-Fifties the jazz revival had produced an offshoot, a musical phenomenon which became much bigger than itself, the skiffle craze. Skiffle was do-it-yourself music, primitive... Continue Reading →

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